What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which refers to voice over the Internet, a method where you can make voice calls over the network. The audio of what you are saying through the microphone is taken and converted into digital data, which is transmitted over the network to another device where it is interpreted so that the voice can be heard again.

With VoIP, you do not depend on the signal from antennas or the landline, but rather on the Internet coverage you have to be able to transmit the calls.

The term VoIP refers to the protocols that facilitate these calls, even though we popularly use the name to refer to the calls themselves. Calls with VoIP can run smoothly with any type of connection, from home LANs to mobile data networks.

Companies that use VoIP systems instead of traditional “copper pair” systems experience many benefits, such as reduced monthly telephone expenses, increased mobility, and productivity.

 In Smartnet Comms we offer a modern communications system through an Internet connection that will significantly improve the performance of your business.


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