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Unlimited calls to and from the United States

With our $19.99 plan, you can call to and from the United States as much as you need. No extra fees or added costs.


​​Phone Number Transfer 

You can transfer your number from any phone operator without any problems!


Call Forwarding

Our telephone service will allow any subscriber to have incoming calls forwarded to a different number.


Voicemail Forwarding via Email

With SmartNet Comms, you can forward voicemail right to your email inbox. It’s 100% automated, allowing you to receive transcriptions on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet the moment someone leaves a message. 


Mobile Extension 

Extend your phone calls to your Android or iOS device through our App: 3CX! In a few words, redirect the calls from your business phone to your mobile phone. 


Customizable Caller ID

Our service allows any subscriber to customize their caller identification so the number of your preference will appear when calling.


Digital Receptionist

Our virtual receptionist is an innovative auto-attendant answering system that handles your inbound calls the same way an in-house receptionist would! Rely on our virtual receptionist for business protocols such as greetings, directing callers, and taking messages.


Call Parking 

Our business phone system features call parking which allows you to put a call on hold so that another person can pick it up on a different phone. When you “park” the call, anyone with access to the parked call can pick it up.


Conference Calls

Our conference call feature consists of a telephone call involving multiple participants. Also known as a teleconference, people invited to the meeting can join by dialing a number that will connect them to a conference bridge.


Centralized Phone System

Our centralized phone system links all your business phones to one network. This way you can ensure all data shared over your phones remains in your control. 

On top of that, a centralized phone system makes placing, transferring, and receiving calls much simpler. Instead of trying to remember or record many different numbers, you can access specific people or departments in the organization using basic extensions.

More Services You Will Be Excited About!

Provisional Equipment

If you have a service contract with us, we will provide you with a replacement while your equipment is being repaired.

Service & Maintenance

We offer diagnosis, preventive, and corrective maintenance.

System Replacement

We help you replace your damaged equipment in record time.

International Calls

The amount of cents per minute depends on the country.

After Hours Tech Support

At an additional charge.

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