How does a virtual phone system work?

A virtual phone system uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transmit the traffic of all calls. Contrary to what we are used to with conventional call centers a VOIP virtual phone system does not need to be physically installed in the premises.

 Virtual call centers work remotely and provide all benefits of having a cloud server. This means that you could be anywhere, and the phone system will work just as it does inside the office, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and our app installed in your smartphone or desktop. Therefore, switching to a VOIP virtual phone system is especially recommended for businesses that have different office locations or remote employees. 

Additionally, having access to our mobile and desktop apps allows you to use your own smart device to attend to business calls and continue regular operations without revealing your personal phone number.

What do you gain once you install VOIP technology?
The ability to fully control and optimize phone communications without needing a traditional cell network, so you will be able to save thousands of dollars a year and increase the number of customers serviced daily.

 In Smartnet Comms we offer a modern communications system through an Internet connection that will significantly improve the performance of your business.

virtual phone system

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